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"Apex Legends" Season 15 is finally here. The new season, titled "Eclipse," launched on November 1, 2022, bringing with it new content including a new heirloom for Seer as well as the ability to play any Legend in the Firing range even if the Legend hasn't been unlocked yet.

Before the start of the new season, some datamining raised the possibility of a new heirloom. And now, as a result of certain leaks, it has been hinted that Season 15 will likely bring a Prestige Wraith skin and a Seer heirloom.

Seer heirloom coming to 'Apex Legends' season 15

Since his release in August 2021, Seer has been a controversial Legend. Upon his arrival, he was a very strong Legend but he eventually received a series of nerfs since then.

Players have continued to choose Seer despite the nerfs. At the end of Season 14, his pick rate was 4%, which is respectable when compared to a legend like Crypto who had a 1.3% pick rate. And later in Season 15, those who continue to play Seer will receive something special: an heirloom.

Early leaks have revealed that Seer's heirloom is actually fact a sickle, according to Dexerto. It doesn't have the familiar sickle silhouette, but it still features a long, curved blade and a short handle.

As of this writing, neither the sickle-based melee attacks' appearance nor any of his unique inspect animations have been revealed. Given that Season 15 was one of Apex Legends' longest, it's reasonable to assume that Seer's heirloom and the Prestige Wraith skin will be revealed before Season 16 debuts in February 2023.

New features and UI

The "Apex Legends" season 15 patch notes also highlight a significant improvement to the UI, which is a great surprise. The comments are vague about the specific UI changes, but ideally, players won't have to browse for more than 20 seconds to find the gun charm they just unlocked.

The new season also includes a gifting system and the introduction of a new cosmetic type: stickers, which can be used to decorate healing items with a personal flair. Cross-progression is another feature that Respawn has confirmed gamers won't see this season. Fortunately, Apex will also be getting another essential feature this season: the option to play as any legend in the Firing Range, even if that legend has not been unlocked yet.