The new iPad might not reach the UK until at least 20 March, four days after the release date announced by Apple earlier this week.

Tech site The Verge has been told by a customer that their iPad has been delayed until at least 20 March, and buyers on Twitter have shared similar stories, with some being informed by Apple that 21 March is more likely.

An email sent by Apple to the customer said that, "despite our best efforts and those of our shipping partners," the delivery date to the UK will slip by at least four days, no doubt angering eager customers who placed pre-orders.

Apple will no doubt have received a massive number of pre-orders for the new iPad, which Phil Schiller announced at a media event in San Francisco on 7 March, and the company would no doubt wish to satisfy demand in its native America first, which could lead to the delays reported in the UK.

"We regret the delay and apologise for the inconvenience," the email concluded.

Elsewhere, some customers have reported that they have received shipping notifications by email saying that their iPad has already left China on a cargo plane.