The Apple Watch seems to be on everyone's radar lately. Some of these reports highlight the wearables fitness and health-tracking capabilities and how it makes an impact on various situations. Last month, one user lauded the device for saving his life after an accident knocked him unconscious. Others have noted how the sensors alerted them about a possible heart condition. Given the alleged health-related benefits it offers, reports suggest it could eventually be included in the coverage of most health insurance providers.

Credit supposedly goes to the positive publicity surrounding the Apple Watch recently. Although there have been talks about the Cupertino-based tech firm inking a deal with medical insurance companies, nothing concrete has been announced. However, that might soon change as Devoted Health confirms its plans to subsidise the cost of the fitness-tracking wearable, according to CNBC.

Kenneth Baer, Devoted Health spokesman, stated: "We are thrilled to be the first Medicare Advantage plan to collaborate with Apple, and give our members a chance to use their Devoted Health Wellness bucks toward purchasing an Apple Watch." He likewise elaborated on the company's willingness to allow its policyholders to take advantage of groundbreaking technologies with health-related benefits.

For those wondering about how the Devoted Health Wellness bucks work, it is an annual allotment of $150 for members. It can be reportedly used on programs and classes approved by the company. It seems that the latest changes now includes the purchase of fitness-tracking devices such as the Apple Watch.

Moreover, 9to5Mac considers that data from the fall detection, heart rate tracking, and electrocardiogram monitoring as useful for both the policyholder and the insurance provider. Devoted Health's decision to partly shoulder the costs of an Apple Watch makes it stand out among its peers. However, it is currently limited to Florida, with plans to expand to Texas and other states later on.

Meanwhile, a new report indicates that native sleep-tracking could be coming to the Apple Watch soon. The new feature was apparently leaked by an App Store listing that instructs users to access a sleep app. Sleep-tracking has been rumoured to come with the latest model and it appears to be on the way.

Apple Watch Series 5
The fifth-generation Apple Watch has new features including ambient noise monitoring and a "compass" to keep users properly oriented AFP / Josh Edelson