Each time tech companies release new products, there is always a risk that unforeseen problems could surface. Given the extensive quality control testing done by the manufacturer before a device is released to the public, most of these are caused by software bugs that are resolved by updates. However, there are rare instances such as the controversial Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions. Now, it looks like Apple might have one of its own as Apple Watch SE users in South Korea report overheating issues.

Although the cause is yet to be identified, it appears incidents are isolated to units sold in South Korea. The Apple Watch SE debuted alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 last month as an entry-level model of the world's most popular smartwatch. Although there are some key features that are missing, the device still offers a somewhat similar experience as its more expensive sibling. According to AppleInsider, select owners have complained that the heat gets to a point wherein it's uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, there is one user that purportedly suffered burns on the wrist. Sources pointed out that the temperature fluctuation happens on an exact spot of the wearable. In fact, images posted online show that the display sustains damage over time. A Reddit post on the issue noted "Apple Watch SE 40mm models, both GPS and cellular, and in Silver and Space Gray. Nike Edition seems to be affected as well."

So far, there have been six reported cases of the Apple Watch SE overheating which happened either when it was being worn or was on the charger. Shortly after its release in September, there were multiple reports of battery drain, which Apple attributed to software. The manufacturer instructed owners to perform a system restore on both the smartwatch and the iPhone it is paired with.

Apple Watch SE now available on Amazon
The introduction of the Apple Watch SE is likewise viewed by analysts as a brilliant marketing move that adds affordability to the catalogue. Photo: Apple

It is currently not known as to what is causing the device to overheat, but some might have an idea. A teardown of older models reveals that it could be attributed to the reused design and components. To date, there have been no reports of similar incidents outside of South Korea. Thus, it might be a specific batch of Apple Watch SE units that are affected by this odd issue. Apple is yet to issue an official statement regarding the matter.