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Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage 'backed Remain' in one of the early April Fools jokes Getty

A new Scottish/Welsh nation connected by bridge, Nigel Farage deciding he rather likes the European Union and a sky-coloured makeover for Croydon - it can only mean it's April Fools Day.

IBTimes UK rounds up the best and worst jokes and pranks before it all gets a tedious and no one really knows what's true and what's not.

Louis van Gaal has endured a bit of a stinker at Manchester United and the Dutchman looks set to be replaced at the end of the season by Jose Mourinho. Or is he...


Oh my...

XXX-rated website PornHub has had a bit of fun today by turning some of its adult content into corn-related videos under the new masthead "CornHub".

The short clips, which have been viewed tens of thousands of times each, include butter being poured over corn and tonnes of the crop being poured into a container.

Damn it - robots are set to replace pizza makers at Domino's! Is nothing sacred!

"Domino's has unveiled its latest robot innovation – The Domimaker, a state-of-the-art pizza creation robot that transports customers live into the Domino's kitchen to take pizza personalisation to the next level.

"It allows rookie pizza makers to connect to the Domimaker live via their webcam where they can direct the robot's swivel-tech rotating arms and twin-jet sauce dispensers to create their own pizza."

David Cameron

David Cameron had a joke up his sleeve this morning, according to some of his Twitter followers. The new National Living Wage of £7.20 per hour kicks in today and the prime minister tweeted saying it was a "proud" day. But his pride may have been shortlived as followers resonded with quipps including "HA best Aprils fools ever David. Good one. You are such a card", "such a funny April fools mate" and just a plain old "April fool". #Bantz

David Cameron had a joke up his sleeve this morning, according to some of his Twitter followers.

Leonardo Di Caprio
Yes, this IS real Getty

Leonardo Di Caprio's long wait for Oscar success is to be immortalised in the form of a new word. Those kind people at the Oxford Dictionary will enter "Leo'd" - a verb, meaning "to achieve something after years of trying".

Incredibly, the above mural in Los Angeles is 100% real.

EU Union flag

Feast your eyes on how a new Union flag could look. The Express says the Union flag is under threat from the European Union, which wants to splash 12 stars all over the design.

"Some expressed concern that Britain might kick back a little, but usually it's just a lot of huffing and puffing in your parliament then Brussels pushes through the legislation it wants," a source told the newspaper.

PRs have been burning the midnight oil at Pimms. They've recruited Peter Sissons (!) to announce the drinks maker has sponsored Big Ben (shouldn't that be The Elizabeth Tower?). The move provoked "outrage" and "turmoil" in the House of Commons and on Twitter but Pimms does not care because "Pimms o'clock is a national catchphrase."

Birmingham King Kong
Birmingham Mail

You'd have thought Birmingham City Council would have learnt its lesson from the Boaty McBoatface joke and not ask the public for its opinion. Ever.

Instead it is to press on with plans to erect a giant 100ft King Kong statue outside the Library of Birmingham. Dubbed the city's very own "Angel of the North", a government source told the news paper "Birmingham has a long and proud history – the city of great names like Chamberlain, Watt, Boulton and White Dee – so we had lots of options of who to immortalise in the statue. But we have consulted across the city and the return of a King Kong statue was by far the most popular option."

Manchester will soon be home to the world's largest urban-slide, says the Manchester Evening News. The attraction - named OFFSLIDE! - will sit on top of the National Football Museum in the city centre and was conceived because Manchester is apparently "obsessed with giant things".

"Thrill-seekers are being asked to step up and take the plunge down the six-storey sloping glass building - formerly Urbis - before landing on a giant crash pad in Exchange Square," the paper explains.

Dubai Palm
Bournemouth will soon have a floating island Getty Images

Ah, beautiful Bournemouth. Golden shores, shuffling pensioners and...what's that, a Dubai-inspired floating island? The Bournemouth Echo writes that developer Seventa Events wants residents to help design the town's newest attraction: an Emirate-inspired floating island off the Dorset coast.

Designs have to be submitted to the designer, which hopes to have the project completed by 2020.

Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp (pictured) and Roberto Martinez went head-to-head in a dance off in Liverpool Reuters

Away from the political sphere but not spheres altogether, rival football managers Jurgen Klopp and Roberto Martinez held an impromptu dance-off at HMV store in Liverpool.

The Reds and Toffees managers left shoppers in "disbelief" when they strutted their stuff. "I went into HMV to buy the Little Mix album. Next minute, I looked up and Klopp and Martinez were having a dance off – It was incredible," a witnesses said.

Prince Philip
Prince Philip is about to wade into the EU referendum debate Getty

The Royal Family is about to make a dramatic intervention in the EU In/Out debate, according to the Guardian. Weeks after the Sun claimed the Queen was backing a Brexit, the newspaper today claims the monarchy is to put its neck on the line constitutionally and announce where it stands on the issue.

Prince Philip is the reliable member the family has chosen to make the call on their behalf and the Duke of Edinburgh will make the announcement on 10 June - a date he can't forget as it's his 95th birthday.

As for which platform Prince Philip would use, Prince William prefers to use his ITV chum Tom Bradby while his brother Harry wants Ant and Dec to break the news.


Ever wonder Ricky Martin has been up to? Of course you do! The Latin popstar has provided the soundtrack so that wasps don't feel "homesick" wasps on a foreign exchange...

According to honey-maker Rowse: "To ensure the wasps don't feel too homesick during their 10-week stay Rowse Honey bee farmers have created tailor-made hives, complete with UV lamps and heaters which set the temperature to a balmy 23 degrees and fitted mini speakers which play a constant stream of Latin American music including Carlos Santa, Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias."

Croydon could be getting a makeover Getty

Big news coming out of Croydon this morning. Councillors are planning to paint the town's buildings the same colour as the sky in order to rid it of its "concrete jungle reputation".

The ambitious plan, which the Croydon Advertiser says will cost taxpayers "millions", involves architects using a special paint that changes with the weather. A bit like councillors, then...

It's a bit early for a drink isn't it, Nigel? Staunchly anti-European Union Ukip leader Nigel Farage appears to have had experienced an apparition of dead EU founder Altiero Spinelli. He's tweeted that he is now backing the Remain campaign, one day after describing remaining in the Union as a "death sentence".

Queen Vic

There was dismay among EastEnders loyalists when it was suggested the Queen Vic pub was the subject of a takeover bid from Wetherspoon. A "new plot line" in the BBC soap was to see Walford Square haunt being turned into a bargain boozer. What would Peggy say, harped fans? Alas it was all just a bit of froth...