Google has released, a mirror version
Google has released a reverse mirror reflection of its search engine, called in honour of April Fools' Day 2015 Google

Not content with turning Google Maps into a worldwide Pac-Man playing field, Google has launched another April Fools' joke – the internet giant wants you to change your perspective when making internet searches.

Google has released a new website called, on which users can give their brains a workout by performing searches with an engine that's a backwards reflection of regular Google.

"We're always looking ahead, but sometimes it's important to reflect. Change your perspective," writes Google in a tweet about its new website.

The great thing about elgooG is that it acts just like the real Google and you can search for everything you like just as easily as you would normally, but you might want to put a mirror to the screen, and hope your brain enables you to read backwards.

Google mirror version Harry Potter search
This is what a search for "Harry Potter" looks like on Google

So send this to someone you know who is really gullible, as (in reflection speak):

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