Pac Man Google Maps
A screenshot of Pac Man on Google Maps in action. Google

Every year Google pulls out something special for April Fools Day and this year is no different. Right now you can go to the Google Maps website and play classic video game Pac-Man on streets around the globe.

Once you have clicked the Pac-Man button if you're too far out Google will zoom you into a playable area with enough roads. Players can even go off the sides of each map and re-enter on the other. It works remarkably well.

So far we've played games near Whitechapel, in downtown Manhattan and outside the White House, but the entire globe is available save for places where there aren't many roads – like the Sahara Desert for example.

Or the ocean.

Google are well known for their April Fools hoaxes. In 2004 they listed job opportunities for a research centre on the moon and in 2005 they dreamt up a drink that boosted intelligence called Google Gulp.

More recently they've added a button to all YouTube videos that presents them as old fashioned silent movies and announced full body motion control integration for Gmail. In 2014 they created the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge, joining forces with Nintendo and Game Freak to litter the Earth with Pokémon for users to find.