Japan's Burger King restaurants released a unisex fragrance on April Fools' Day they call "flame-grilled".

The tongue-in-cheek promotion comes with a video, in which a couple dressed in black tie enjoy a romantic meal at Burger King, and the woman compliments her partner on his "sexy" burger cologne.

The company's brand manager in Japan, Kana Lenaga, said her team came up with the idea a year ago and had since visited the kitchens many times to learn about the smell of its burgers' flame-grilled patties. The perfume's actual production took half a year.

She said the unisex fragrance should appeal to both men and women.

"We want women who like meat to wear this, and men who want to smell sexy and wild should definitely wear this," Lenaga said.

At a price tag of ¥5000 (£28, $42), the fragrance comes with one free Whopper burger.

The fast food chain is selling 1,000 bottles of this spicy scent for one day only across its Japanese branches.