Archer Season 6 Premiere Spoilers: Archer Vice's Baby Problem and ISIS Acronym to be Dropped from the Spy Agency

Archer season 6, FX network's cult spy comedy is all set to return with some exciting drama.

According to the latest promo, Sterling Archer will return to the world of spying and is likely to ditch his Miami Vice lifestyle.

During season 5, the self-centered master spy was busy selling a metric tonne of cocaine, however, in the upcoming season, he could return to his real job.

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Show creator Adam Reed, meanwhile, has said that they will not use the acronym ISIS in the popular FX adult animation series after the recent controversies related to the dreaded terrorist group Islamic State.

The show was revolving around the fictional spy agency ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service) until its fifth season, but due to terror group's similar name, the producers want to omit it this season.

The trailer of the show has not revealed much about the plot for season 6, but rumour has it that the series will focus on Archer's baby issues, with former girlfriend Lana delivering a baby girl, conceived via IVF procedure.

During the finale of season 5, Lana had told her former boyfriend that he is the father of her child, while she was juggling between her spy job and caring for the baby named Abiejean.

Design and Trends suspects that in season 6 premiere, the master spy will discover himself marooned on a private island with a Japanese soldier from World War II, who hasn't been in contact with anyone since the war.

Archer season 6 premieres on 8 January on FX.