The legend of Korra Lesbian romance? Korra and Asami ended up together in series finale
The finale scene of Legend of Korra showing the Avatar and Asami ending up together. YouTube

The Legend of Korra finally ended its four glorious seasons but not without astonishing its fans by projecting Korra and Asami's unspoken love in the most poignant and graceful manner possible.

Nickelodeon's animation series appeared to have confirmed the lesbian romance between Korrasami during the end of the spin-off series to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

When Book 4 started, fans knew that Asami was the only one to whom the Avatar was writing letters regularly. After learning this Mako felt insecure and angry about his ex-girlfriends' more than usual proximity.

Gay Star News pinpointed some excerpts from Korrasami's letters.

"Dear Korra, I miss you.' were the first words in Asami's letter.

'Please don't tell [male characters] Mako and Bolin I wrote to you and not them. I don't want to hurt their feelings, it's easier to tell you about this stuff ,' Korra responded.

The series finale of the Nick animation series showed a power-packed fight sequence between the successor of Aang and Kuvira.

However, the twist came when Korra saved Kuvira from death leading the show's antagonist to apologise for damages she caused to the Republic City.

In the end scene, the BFFs were talking about a vacation to the Spirit World together and Comic Book Movies suspects that the scene is symbolic as the couple walked towards the portal holding hands.

According to the website, the scene was similar to walking down the aisle and then they face each other like any bride and groom and hold hands.

This is probably the first ever children's show to have projected a lesbian relationship and fans have mixed reactions about the shocking twist.

Here are some fan reactions taken from Twitter.