Selena Gomez & Orlando Bloom

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom recently attempted to sneak through LAX airport in Los Angeles unnoticed, sparking rumors they are a couple.

The pair have been romantically linked on-and-off for several months and are believed to be heading to the 'We Day' event in Canada together after Selena's recent split from Justin Bieber.

Gomez, 22, was accompanied through the airport on Monday with another man, but Lord of the Rings star Bloom could be seen walking not far behind.

Bloom and Bieber famously got in to a bar brawl in Ibiza, Spain, at the end of July. The British actor was filmed throwing a punch at Bieber after he reportedly called the British actor a 'b**ch'.

The video of the brawl went viral when it was released on the internet in the summer, with the rumour mill going into overdrive over what triggered the fight.

Claims were made by an eyewitness that the Baby hitmaker had gone up to confront Orlando at his table, which provoked the altercation.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, journalist Anastasia Skolkova - who filmed the video - said: "Justin said something when he came in which was aimed at Orlando, who then jumped onto a sofa to try and get at Justin."

It has since been speculated that Bieber lashed out at Bloom in a jealous rage engendered by the Pirates of the Caribbean star's close relationship with Gomez.

Earlier this year, a picture surfaced of Bloom and Gomez together, sitting on a sidewalk having a cigarette break and talking after watching the Chelsea Handler stand up show.

However, following reports they were dating, several sources claimed the rumours were false.

Orlando is a well-known Buddhist and has allegedly been sharing his wisdom with Selena in an attempt to help her get over her split from Bieber.

The Los Angeles Times reports that "Orlando advised her to let go and take care of herself first. Love herself first. He shared his own heartaches with her and has been a major source of inspiration."

Bloom, 37, split from his wife Miranda Kerr in 2013 and has also been linked to Australian Singer Erica Packer this year.

Gomez and Bieber, an on-off couple for over four years, were seen together recently but are now thought to have separated for good.