A multi-national search for the crew of the missing Argentine submarine that went missing 15 days ago has been called off.

More than a dozen countries joined the search for the ARA San Juan which disappeared on 15 November with 44 crew on board.

There were reports of an explosion on the day it disappeared and claims that the vessel would only have enough oxygen for seven days, unless it was able to resurface, with no evidence to date that it had.

Argentine Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said the search attempt had gone on twice as long than it would normally have for a typical rescue, although the search would continue for the vessel on the seabed.

"Despite the magnitude of the efforts made, it has not been possible to locate the submarine," Balbi said.

Earlier this week, the Navy said that water had entered the snorkel and caused one of the vessel's batteries to short circuit.

The rescue mission included around 30 ships and planes manned by 4,000 people. The submarine was refurbished in 2014, when its engine and batteries were replaced but relatives have expressed anger over the state of the submarine which was built in 1985.

They were especially hit hard when they heard that the noise detected by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organisation may have been the sound of the vessel imploding.

Argentine military submarine ARA San Juan
The Argentine military submarine ARA San Juan and crew are seen leaving the port of Buenos Aires, Argentina on 2 June, 2014 Armada Argentina/Handout via REUTERS