Rival football fans in Argentina traded punches, kicks and flying body checks after a recent cup game. Bella Vista had just beaten Tiro Federal 3-2 in Argentina's lowly Southern League on 25 July when violence flared.

Footage shows fights breaking out across the pitch as stewards in bright orange vests try to quell the violence. Players themselves get caught up in the action and start swinging arms and legs arms at rivals. At one point a player in white tries to flatten one of the fans who invaded the pitch with what looks like either a flying kick or a body check.

Bizarrely, some Vista players appear to be celebrating their victory as the mayhem unfolds, while other competitors look for an escape and crawl through gabs in mesh surrounding the pitch.

According to local media, police were slow to react to the unfolding chaos, allowing the situation to spiral out of control.

Argentina is known to have some of the most colourful and passionate football fans in the world, but their fanaticism has been known to get the better of them. The nation's biggest game is the 'Superclasico' between heavyweight clubs Boca Juniors and River Plate, the last such edition ended with five red cards, nine yellow ones and crowd trouble throughout.