An Argentine hunter has been trampled and killed by an elephant in Namibia.

The Namibian Press Agency reported that 46-year-old Jose Monzalvez was part of a group of hunters who were tracking elephants in the south western African nation.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon (12 August) in a private wildlife reserve, 40 miles northwest of the small town of Kalkfeld.

Monzalvez worked for an oil company and was accompanied by another Argentine and two Namibians when the incident took place.

The reports state that the elephant suddenly charged at the group before they were able to find a spot to aim and shoot at.

Monzalvez was legally hunting with a permit and his relatives have been informed.

The latest incident follows on from another elephant trampling in February, near the village of Erongo in Nambia.

On that occasion, a 35-year-old was trampled and killed after having dinner outside a friend's home.

The unnamed victim was outside his friend's home when they came across the elephant, just metres from the house.

The friend that was with him said: "The elephant immediately chased them into the bush. They tried to hide behind a tree, but the elephant discovered them. The friend managed to escape, but the elephant trampled the victim, standing on his head."

The family of the victim was given N$5,000 (USD$376) by local authorities to help with funeral costs.

There have been calls from villages for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to provide assistance and intervene amid a rise in elephant-related incidents.