34-year-old professional arm wrestler Spartak Zoloev brutally attacked his ex-wife out of jealousy. The mother of one has been left disabled even though she survived the near-fatal beating from Zoloev. Vandana Dzhioeva claims that she had reported domestic abuse to the police multiple times, but they had not paid attention to the reports. Zoloev admitted his crime and a court in Vladivostok sentenced him to six years in prison.

The 28-year-old woman had reportedly started seeing someone after her marriage with Zoloev had ended. The jealous Zoloev could not come to terms with the fact that Dzhioeva was moving on with life. He decided to attack her in her home in front of their four-year-old daughter, Lyutsia.

Zoloev's attack left Dzhioeva with multiple broken bones and in a coma for days. Dzhioeva recalled the sadistic attack by Zoloev. She stated that when the well-built man punched her in the face, she felt her jaw shatter. She was then dragged by her hair to the back yard before being kicked in the head by the father of her child.

According to the victim, the doctors took two hours just to remove pieces of broken bones from her body. After the attack, she was left unconscious in a pool of blood. Dzhioeva believes that Zoloev had intended to kill her, and stopped the attack when he thought she had died. Dzhioeva's skull, jaw, ribs, and collar bone were all shattered.

Zoloev, an Interior Ministry Military Institute graduate, is one of Europe's top arm wrestlers. He was hailed as the arm-wrestling world champion of his weight division in 2014.

On previous occasions, Zoloev had physically assaulted Dzhioeva. However, the police ignored her reports as there were no facial wounds left by the attacks, The Sun reported.

The attacks escalated to the point where Dzhioeva was in a coma for seven days and unable to walk for six-months. Dzhioeva is trying to walk on her own again as she recovers from the ordeal. Lyutsia remains traumatised as she believed that she witnessed her father murder her mother.

The attack has sent Zoloev to prison for six years as sentenced by a court in Vladivostok.

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