Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell plays the Arrow in DC comics TV universe Reuters

There is a hot debate in the comic book fan community whether there should be a crossover of the DC Comics film universe with its TV universe, namely the Arrow and Flash counterparts.

While DC Comics has a very strong opinion on the matter, the possibility cannot be completely written off.

During a panel discussion at Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, Arrow star Stephen Amell was asked if he would like to be in Justice League. The actor replied "Sure, I'd like to be in it. Absolutely! If Hawkeye can be in the Avengers, then Green Arrow can be in the Justice League."

Amell then discussed the pros and cons of a DC TV and films crossover and concluded that they are two different versions.

Arrow Season 3
Arrow Star Stephen Amell says, "If Hawkeye Can Be In The Avengers, Then Green Arrow Can Be In The Justice League" Arrow/facebook

He said, "I don't think that logistics are going to make it possible for the television universe and cinematic universe to co-exist," reported

"We shoot for ten months out of the year, literally ten months. And, boy, I'm just thinking about how difficult it's going to be for when we do crossover episodes with The Flash, the logistics of that."

He continued, "But listen, and I've said this before, and I'm repeating myself, but let me say it again. We aren't playing the television versions of Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash, Firestorm, Arsenal, and on down the line. Oh, yeah, Arsenal."

"We're playing the versions. We're trying to play the definitive versions as they exist right now. And we don't need the movies to justify our television show."

Amell also dished on the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe movie and eqipped, "Boy, as a fan, I really, really hope that [Batman V. Superman] Dawn of Justice is good, really hope. And I think it will be"

Earlier this month, Stephen Amell addressed rumours that he might appear in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice after he teased big news at Comic-Con.

Amell wrote, "I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm, but not everything I post is a cryptic indicator that I'm going to be in Batman V Superman. I'm not going to be in Batman V Superman."

Arrow Season 3 premieres on October 8, 2014 at 8 PM on The CW.