Ian Wright
Ian Wright thinks Arsene Wenger's time at Arsenal may be coming to a close Getty

Arsenal legend Ian Wright feels the north London club and manager Arsene Wenger are "heading for divorce". The 52-year-old pundit thinks the reaction of the Arsenal fans after their FA Cup exit at the hands of Watford suggests Wenger's time at the club is coming to an end.

Despite this, Wright thinks Wenger deserves more respect than he is currently being afforded and has also refused to call for his sacking. "It hurts so much to even think it – but it feels like Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are heading for divorce," he said in The Sun.

"Judging from the way the fans have reacted over the past week, that's the impression I get. I'm sure when that day arrives it will all be amicable and friendly, although it does leave a horrible feeling in the stomach right now. Like an old married couple, who have been together for 20 years and are still in the same house but living separate lives. Like the husband and wife who, even though they still love each other, have stayed together just for the sake of appearances."

Wright played for Wenger during his early days at Arsenal and insisted he has too much respect for his former manager to call for his head. "I'm not about to scream, 'Arsene must go'. You won't find me calling for his head. I can't ever imagine bringing myself to say it – I will always have far too much respect for Arsene," he said. "I wish others shared that opinion because when he goes, whenever that turns out to be, he deserves a lot more."

Wright said that regardless of how Arsenal fans think of Wenger at the moment, they should recognise all that he has done for the club during his 20-year tenure.

"He deserves to go hailed as a hero – one of the greatest managers in football history – never mind simply Arsenal's. He deserves more than fans screaming abuse and unfurling banners like we saw at Hull after they won there last week," the Arsenal legend said.