Aaron Ramsey
Ramsey believes that he is getting back to his best Getty Images/Paul Gilham

Aaron Ramsey has revealed that he is close to getting back to his best after recovering from a hamstring injury and the subsequent games will give fans a glimpse of what he is capable of as a player.

The midfielder was Arsenal's best player last season, scoring goals and was likened to veterans like Yaya Toure and Arturo Vidal owing to his perseverance all over the pitch.

However, an injury in the end of the year cut his season short and found Arsenal wanting, as they failed to build on their start and handed the lead to their rivals, as they ended the season in fourth position yet again.

The midfielder failed to rise up to the occasion this season and has been found wanting for form. The shots which found the back of the net last season were going wide while the attempts from 25 yards were flying high and far. His tackles and interceptions in the middle of the pitch has also gone down which has attracted flak from all quarters, not least from the manager himself.

When asked if he is trying too hard to score, Ramsey told Arsenal's official site, "Maybe at the beginning, yes [I was trying too hard to score]. I've put that to the back of my mind and I'm focusing on other things. That will come naturally again.

"I still believe in my qualities, and I'm confident that I can show them again this year. There will be plenty more opportunities.

"I had a hamstring injury and it takes a few games to get back to your best. In the last game it was the first time in a long time that I felt sharp again and felt like I was physically there. Hopefully I can continue that and have a very successful season.

"I'm still going to make my runs into the box. That's my game. I also can get back and defend, and that's what I mean by saying that's the best I've felt [in a while against Manchester United]. When I got forward, I could get back in time as well," the Welshman concluded.