Aaron Ramsey
Aaron Ramsey has to give up on his goal-scoring fetish and help the team Getty Images/Paul Gilham

Arsene Wenger has asked Aaron Ramsey to stick to priorities and not sacrifice his team's performance to pursue his own ambitions.

The Welshman was found trying to score goals against Anderlecht in their Champions League game in midweek in spite of the Gunners being 3-0 up and neglecting his defensive duties.

This left a gaping hole in midfield which was exploited well by the Belgians as they came back to take a point from the hosts. This was the first time in the history of the Emirates that the Gunners had scored three goals and had to come back with only a point.

Ramsey, who was at his prolific best last season, has scored only three goals thus far, having missed a chunk of games owing to a hamstring strain and illness. However, the touch that brought him a lot of admirers in the past year has lost him and the 23-year-old is trying his best to get it back, albeit at his team's expense.

Wenger has issued him a strong warning to stick to his principles, failing which the former Cardiff man is likely to be demoted to the bench in favour of Jack Wilshere, who has recovered from a knock.

"He has to keep his priorities right. He needs to help the team. It's not about goalscoring," Wenger said.

The Frenchman went on to say that the result against Anderlecht was an aberration and they can take a lot of lessons from the mishap, which will help them in the long run.

"We can learn a lot from what happened. Subconsciously we thought the game was over and it rarely is," Wenger stated.

"It was a shock but overall we know we can score goals and do better defensively.

"We are very positive inside the camp. We are not affected by negativity. We are not happy when we don't win but that's it," he added.