Ashley Madison
Experts warn malicious emails will continue to bombard Ashley Madison subscribers  Reuters

In the wake of the Ashley Madison data hack, which has left 32 million users of the adultery website and its sister sites run by Avid Life Media exposed to fraud, customers have been bombarded with spam and experts are warning that as the amount of unwanted emails increase, so too does the risk of exposure to fraud.

While the immediate effects of the hacking scandal may have dissipated over the last two months, the rate at which scammers have spammed victims have increased. This occurs as the lists proliferate and are shared across the web.

MailChannels, a provider of anti-spam technology, has compiled a list of some of the most malicious emails which have been sent to Ashley Madison users. Most offer to help customers wipe their embarrassing data from the web.

CEO of MailChannels, Ken Simpson, told IBTimes UK: "Email messages with the following subject lines typically link to a website that allows you to search whether your name is in the Ashley Madison breach database. From there, they link you to a "removal service" that incorrectly suggests you can have the information wiped from the Internet. This is impossible, of course."

The list of fraudulent email subjects are:

1. Re: See if your name comes up as a Ashley Madison profile user

2. - Your private Ashley Madison data is on the Internet, get it REMOVED now1:44:56 AM

3. Re: See if your name comes up as a Ashley Madison profile user

4. RE: hacked data Ashley Madison

5. - Remove your private Ashley Madison data from the Internet

6. Re: Question?

Data compiled by MailChannels has shown that spam sent to email addresses registered to Ashley Madison and other Avid Life Media sites did not happen immediately but after the torrent started, it has not shown signs of letting up.

"The increased volume in spam won't come right away, but evidence from the Ashley Madison data leak shows that the growth in volume of this c**p will be sustained; it isn't going to tail off with time," Simpson warned.