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Security footage captures the moment a jilted wife gets her own back by setting her husband's hair on fire YouTube

Love can make people do the craziest things at times, as one husband found out while out drinking with his friends one night. Shocking CCTV footage from inside a bar shows the moment an apparently jilted wife decided to get her own back by setting her partner's hair on fire.

The video of the hair-raising incident, which happened on 9 January, begins with the couple talking to each other while sat around a bar in one of the few states in the US which allows smoking. The man then turns his back and starts joking with other drinkers while his wife sits looking annoyed and smoking a cigarette.

Without warning she then picks up her lighter and sets her husband's hair alight, causing flames to rise above his head. The man sat for a few seconds without even noticing his hair was turning into a fireball and it was only when fellow drinkers warned him that he frantically patted down his ponytail.

The husband, who appears astonished at what happened, then walks off leaving while other drinkers try to hide their laughter. It is not known what prompted the woman to be so annoyed but the on-again-off-again couple, who are regulars at the bar, are reportedly either always arguing or extremely in love.