Not just philosophers and scientists but people from all walks of life have some views on God and existence or non-existence of such superpower. Some are just unusual than the other.

A self-claimed Turkish breathing therapist has offered a different explanation for atheism saying improper breathing technique is causing the phenomenon in humans. She even suggested that correcting the breathing patterns, one could realise the existence of God.

Speaking to the CNN Turk during a panel discussion, Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet explained that atheists do not know about the presence of God because they do not breathe properly.

"Radical atheists come to my seminars. There are many serious research [works] conducted to find the relations between breathing and thinking. For example, atheists' abdominal breathing is perfect but there is no breath in here," she said pointing at her rib and chest suggesting atheists do not breathe in those areas.

"There is a bulge in the rib cage. It is like there's a stone in there," she said before adding that she could identify atheists just observing their breathing patterns without even asking them.

Following the assertion, she went on to say that hundreds of thousands of atheists have attended her therapy sessions. Following the correction exercises, she said, the attendees had found God.

"During our exercises, we focus especially on the body part that has difficulties breathing. When we fix the breathing problem, the mind has a revival. I know many who said in tears at the end of the seminars that they found God," added the so-called therapist.