Vets in Yarloop, Western Australia, have been working overtime to help and save wildlife hurt in the recent outbreak of bushfires but one joey is stealing the show. Among the pictures of animals that the vets have managed to saved, a baby kangaroo in bandages has caught the hearts of Australians, and now the world.

The 11-month-old joey was covered in burns on his paws, feet and tail that were a week old when he was found. Originally, the joey had been with his mother but she passed away, leaving the baby kangaroo orphaned.

These gorgeous little babies have just had their bandage dressings changed by Nurse Frosina and have been very popular with the news crew today!

Posted by Waroona Veterinary Clinic on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The joey was hurt in bushfires that raged in the region two weeks ago. The fires destroyed over 160 buildings and two people were killed.

Head nurse Frosina Duckin told that it was lucky Waroona Vetenary Clinic, where the joey is being treated, wasn't taken itself: "We were lucky with the wind that it didn't take the clinic. A 10-degree wind shift and it would've been a different story for Waroona."

The vet's biggest fear for the joey doesn't come from his burns, it's stress. "It's the damage to their heart that's induced by stress that can actually kill them," said Duckin. The joey and other animals have been big in the Australian media, appearing on TV shows and articles alike.

The clinic has had an influx of animals hurt in the fires, and supplies and money are running out. They have received donations from a number of companies and have asked on their Facebook page for people to make donations possible.

We have been receiving many messages from people requesting our bank details to donate towards the treatment of the fire...

Posted by Waroona Veterinary Clinic on Thursday, 14 January 2016