A dramatic video has been released showing the moment a kangaroo in Australia jumped onto the front of a motorist's car whilst he was driving, causing the windscreen to crack.

The dashcam footage, posted online by Gary Dellarmarta, shows him driving down a road at night his home in Victoria on 1 May. As he drives along the kangaroo suddenly appears in front of the vehicle. But rather than flee, the marsupial bounds straight towards the car and leaps onto the windshield, causing it to crack.

The car screeches to a halt and Dellarmarta can be heard screaming "f**king kangaroo!" as the animal dashes off. Commenting on the video on YouTube, Dellamarta said, "It hopped away... it was too dark to see if it was injured".

Collisions between motorists and kangaroos have surged in recent years, with charity Wildlife Rescuers stating in The Age in March that they and received 4,195 callouts for injured kangaroos and wallabies in 2015, twice as many as reported three years previously in 2012.