Video released by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) shows a newly found Second World War aircraft under the water in Australia. In a statement on 21 September, it said the initial investigation of the wreckage was delayed due to bad weather conditions, but it has now confirmed the craft is a RAAF Number 11 Squadron Catalina A24-25 plane.

In the video, engine parts and a large section of the propeller can be seen but the rest of the ship is buried underneath the brightly coloured corals in the water. The RAAF said the aeroplane was used in 1942 to fight the Japanese.

On 28 February 1943, the crew of the Catalina sent out a radio statement saying they needed to make an emergency landing. The aircraft crashed during the attempted landing and the 11 personnel on board were killed. The RAAF said the wreckage would remain where it was, protected, to honour the memory of the soldiers that were lost.