Australian couple awakened by Irishman
An couple were awakened by an Irishman sleeping in their bed at their house on Sackville Street near the Arthur Byrne Reserve beach. Google Maps

An Australian couple had a rude awakening early Monday when they found a naked Irishman in their bed in Sydney. Just before 2am early Monday (17 August) the couple awoke in their Maroubra neighbourhood home when the woman said she could "sense that someone was there," reports Australia's 9News.

The couple found the 25-year-old man laying naked beside them on their bed. The woman said that the heat from the other man woke her up and she turned to see the stranger "on the end right in with us".

She woke her partner and the two confronted the intruder who then picked up his clothes and entered the backyard of the Sackville Street home near Arthur Byrne Reserve beach. As she called police, and her partner attempted to corral the man in the backyard, he "climbed in through a kitchen window and wandered around the home until the arrival of police who arrested him". New South Wales police revealed the details in a report.

When police from the Eastern Beaches Local Area Command arrived, they put the man in a squad car where he began to convulse. Officers were worried this could have been brought on by drugs and called paramedics who took him to the Prince of Wales Hospital with a police escort.

The man is being examined and undergoing mental health checks and will be interviewed by police before being released. The scariest part, the woman told 9News, was "how long he may have been looking at us thinking it's a good idea to get into bed with these guys."