On Monday, October 12, Sydney District Court sentenced Aron Goodrem for multiple counts of rape and assault. The convicted man reportedly sexually and physically assaulted six women, some of whom he met using the online dating application Tinder. Criticising the app, Judge John Pickering assured the victims that they would no longer have to live in fear of their abuser. Having admitted to more than 20 charges against him, the rapist has been sentenced to a maximum of 20 years behind bars.

The man from New South Wales dated six women who became victims of domestic abuse. The man raped his partners and tormented them with disturbing acts of violence.

Goodrem reportedly tortured his victims by burning them with cigarettes. One of the victims has been left with permanent scars due to all the burns. He also smashed the head of one of the women against the ground until she became unconscious.

One woman's abuse went to the extent where she was threatened with death. Goodrem reportedly saw a message on the woman's phone from a male friend. The jealous man decided to punish his partner. He dragged her out of bed and up a flight of stairs by her hair. He then punched her in the back of her head, leaving the victim in pain. He returned shortly with a machete and threatened to slit her throat with the implement if she "disobeyed" him.

According to 7 News, one of his victims was so scared for her life that she fled from their home leaving their infant in his custody. She escaped with nothing but the clothes on her back and sought shelter with a friend.

Four of Goodrem's six victims have had children with him. They expressed their concern over the man returning to threaten their children's lives.

Pickering assured the women that Goodrem would not come back to haunt their lives. The 30-year-old man pleaded guilty to over 20 charges against him. The charges he accepted included seven counts of rape and seven counts of common assault. He has been sentenced to a minimum of 13 years and a maximum 20-year prison term. Along with condemning the acts of the convict, Pickering condemned the lack of responsibility shown by Tinder. He pointed out that abusive men are able to find their victims easily through online dating options.

Judge criticized Tinder for becoming the platform on which abusive men find their victims easily. (representational image) Leon Neal/Getty Images