A burglar on the run in Australia probably won't be found sitting around after the owner of a house in Sydney he was raiding shot him in the buttocks with a bow and arrow as he tried to get away. The 68-year-old homeowner confronted the burglar as he attempted to escape in the owner's Nissan X-trail, police say.

According to New South Wales Police, the burglar stole cash and property from the home before taking the car keys and heading to the garage to make his escape. As he attempted to reverse the Nissan out of the garage, the homeowner appeared with a compound bow.

The burglar left the vehicle and attempted to escape over a fence but police say the homeowner stood up on the fence and shot the burglar as he fled, the arrow hitting the fleeing man's "buttocks or lower back area" before he could get away in a Mazda Tribute.

The bow-wielding homeowner is now reportedly refusing to speak to police. It is uncertain whether he committed an offence by shooting the burglar but he did not need a licence for the compound bow.

The injured thief is still on the run with police issuing a description describing him as caucasian, 30-35-years-old, short with dark hair and a tattoo above his elbow on the left arm. Police have checked with hospitals but have yet to find anyone being treated for such an injury as was sustained.