Two days after British teenager Nora Quoirin's body was found by the Malaysian police, autopsy reports have come in. According to the reports, Quoirin died of starvation and stress which led to internal bleeding from a ruptured ulcer in her intestine.

Quoirin had gone missing on Aug 3, from Dusun eco-resort where her family was vacationing. Since her disappearance, Malaysian police launched an extensive search with assistance from a special sniffer dog team, Royal Air Force helicopters and local jungle trackers.

According to Quoirin's family, the 15-year-old was born with holoprosencephaly a developmental disorder which does not allow the brain to fully develop. The developmental disorder made it difficult for Quoirin to function without the assistance of her family.

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Rescue workers carry a body Jorge Cabrera/Reuters

Quoirin's family is still in disbelief that she had climbed out on her own from the hotel room's window and wandered off.

After searching for Quoirin for 10 days, local trackers found her body in a stream 1.6 miles (2.5 km) from the hotel. Search and rescue teams could not climb down to the body, so it had to be winched out by a helicopter.

Quoirin's body did not have any clothes on and investigators are still looking for her clothes to get an idea of what had happened to the teen.

During the search, Quoirin's family, as well as the investigators, had not ruled out foul play. An abduction angle was also being investigated.

According to CNN, a post mortem examination was conducted at Kuala Lumpur and a report was released: "The cause of death was upper gastrointestinal bleeding due to a duodenal ulcer, complicated with perforation."

Quoirin's family has been allowed to take her body back to her hometown where she will be laid to rest.