Avengers Age of Ultron
Paul Bettany as the Vision in Avengers Age of Ultron Marvel Studios

Paul Bettany's character the Vision, has been kept a secret for years now, but the actor dished a few details on his role in Avengers 2.

Bettany, who was the voice of JARVIS in all Iron Man movies, found out that his character would become the Vision in later Avengers movies long back.

While fans are still speculating as to what will prompt the transformation, the British actor is determined to keep his role a secret until the movie hits theatres.

"I can tell you that I've kept it a secret for about three years," Bettany informed Collider.

"I've known that this was going to happen and I'm not about to give the game away right now because we've managed to keep it really under wraps. There are only a few images out there but it's... It's pretty grand."

Previously director Joss Whedon, in an interview confirmed that Vision will make an appearance and it will be created by Ultron, as he was in the Marvel comics.

Whedon told Slash Film: "Before I took the first job, I said, well, I don't know if I'm right for this or if I want it or you want me, but in the second one, the villain has to be Ultron, and he has to create the Vision, and then, that has to be Bettany."

"It took me three years before I could tell Paul that I'd had that conversation, but after that, I stopped. I was like, that would be cool if you have Ultron, and you have Vision and Paul played him."