Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
A full concept art poster for Marvel's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron.' Marvel

New details about the scope of the Avengers Age of Ultron and the Vision played by Paul Bettany have surfaced online.

Director Joss Whedon, in an interview, teased that Avengers 2 is bigger than the first Avengers movie

Whedon told Slash Film: "The cast is bigger. The scope is bigger. We have more to work with. Not that we're trying to spend more. In fact, we're trying to avoid bloat wherever possible. But with this, we're on a broader canvas. We're in more countries."

He continued, "We have a bigger world to work with, and a bigger world for them just to be in. Once they exist as a team, we have to deal with what everybody thinks about that, and what that means to the world. So it's not as simple as it was."

There has been speculation about Paul Bettany's the 'Vision' being in Avengers 2. Whedon in the interview confirmed that Vision will make an appearance and it will be created by Ultron, as he was in the Marvel comics.

"Before I took the first job, I said, well, I don't know if I'm right for this or if I want it or you want me, but in the second one, the villain has to be Ultron, and he has to create the Vision, and then, that has to be Bettany," Whedon said.

"It took me three years before I could tell Paul that I'd had that conversation, but after that, I stopped. I was like, that would be cool if you have Ultron, and you have Vision and Paul played him."

Previously, Paul Bettany teased his Android character's (The Vision) appearance in the Avengers sequel.

He told Hollywood Reporter: "It's a secret I've kept for about three years, which is really hard, especially with three kids. I'm contractually obliged not to talk about it," Bettany said, adding that "J.A.R.V.I.S will be there and so will The Vision. But I simply can't tell you any more."

The promo art released by Marvel shows the Vision with the Avengers.

Avengers Age of Ultron
The Vision played by Paul Bettany is a synthetic humanoid created by Ultron Marvel

Paul Bettany In the film, the Vision is a synthetic humanoid created by Ultron to prove that he too has the power to create life. While originally aligned with his creator, Vision eventually turns around and joins the good guys as Ultron threatens to wipe out all of mankind.

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens on May 1 2015.