Iron Man vs Hulk
Iron Man vs Hulk Concept art picture Marvels

Avengers Age of Ultron trailer is out, and the most talked about and speculated scene is the Hulkbuster suit and Iron Man vs Hulk fight scene.

The upcoming scrape between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner has been highly publicised, but the reasons behind their very public brawl remain a mystery.

In the trailer, Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo have dropped a few hints about their characters' impending scene.

"It can't just be a good fight, it's gotta be about something," Downey said.

He told HitFix: "And the great thing in Age of Ultron is, that fight between [the Hulk and Tony Stark] is, nobody wins when two people who are friends fight."

Ruffalo was even more enthusiastic about the pair's falling out in the movie, and teased that the Hulkbuster scene will definitely be "a surprise."

Avengers Age of Ultron
Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo in Avengers 2 Marvel

Ruffalo said: "He's trying to really be a part of something and feels more comfortable with the fantasy that he could actually be a part of something.

"I still think it's a struggle for him and I never think that he quite has it under control. I think in this, he's as close to having a normal life as he possibly could, which might include some romance. Um, but, uh, uh, you know... is that ever possible for Banner really is the question."

Ruffalo teased more about the fight, and explained that the battle is between friends simply to find out who is tougher.

"You think you could beat me and then I'll beat the crap out of you" and then I beat the crap out of him [LAUGHS]. It's kinda like that, but not totally like that. It has a surprise, a little twist to it as well" reported Screenrant.

Who do you think will win - Hulk or Iron Man?

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