A baby was killed and more than a dozen of people were injured when a car ploughed through pedestrians near Copacabana Beach in Brazil. The horrific incident happened Thursday (18 January) night as the promenade was filled with tourists.

Reports from Rio De Janeiro suggested that at least 15 people were injured, including four children. A baby, believed to be eight months old, was killed in the incident, a fire department official later confirmed.

Officials said those injured are being treated at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio De Janeiro.

Terrifying mobile phone images show multiple injured people lying on the sand as they were being treated. A female victim is in a critical condition, according to local media.

The driver was held at the scene and taken to hospital. Local journalists reported that he is undergoing blood alcohol tests.

Some reports suggested the driver may have lost control of his vehicle after suffering an epileptic seizure at the wheel. Anti-epilepsy medication was reportedly found inside the vehicle.

Witnesses reported the driver stopped in the sand after crossing the packed pomenade.

Authorities later confirmed the driver, identified as 41-year-old Antonio de Almeida Anaquim, had had an epileptic seizure and had been arrested, the Daily Mail reported.

Copacabana beach incident
A vehicle that ran over some people at Copacabana beach is seen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil January 18, 2018. According local media, the driver was detained. REUTERS/Sebastian Rocandio