Langur monkeys sit on a pavement near Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, one of the venues for the Commonwealth Games, in New Delhi September 28, 2010. Langur monkeys are used in parts of New Delhi to scare away other monkeys who create a menace around t
Langur monkeys sit on a pavement by Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi last year. In terms of coloring and size, none of them looks quite like the neon-orange Tango, but they are kind of cute themselves. REUTERS

A baby monkey is creating waves at the ZSL London Zoo -- for being born neon orange! Now, while that in and of itself may not be all that peculiar, the strange thing is that the parents of the baby, unsurprisingly christened Tango, both have black-colored fur.

Tango is a Francois langur (otherwise called a Francois leaf monkey), a rare kind of primate classified as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and normally found in southwestern China and northern Vietnam.

Experts at the London Zoo were quick to explain that Tango's vivid coloring is only temporary.

"Tango is currently rocking the redhead look, but won't be ginger for very long. Its fur will begin to darken at around three months of age, and they are usually completely black by the time they reach six months old," zookeeper Kathryn Sanders told The Sun of London

Tango was born Sept.1 and has yet to be sexed.

In an amusing sidenote, the zoo provided special discounts to red-haired children the last time an orange-colored monkey was born, back in 2004.