A baby orangutan took his first steps on his own this week following months of intensive care at an Indonesian rescue centre, who found him malnourished and trapped in a chicken cage in December 2014.

In a video posted online by the International Animal Rescue, the baby orangutan, known as Buti, was seen walking without the help of a veterinarian before rolling around on the ground and lifting himself back up.

International Animal Rescue rescued Buti in a critical condition from his owner, who they said had kept him in a chicken cage and fed him with condensed milk for a year. His body was bloated with fluid malnutrition, and his limbs were swollen and bent.

Footage of Buti shortly after being rescued showed him squeaking in pain at the centre as a veterinarian propped him up to feed him.

After intensive treatment at the animal shelter he began to make slow recovery and gain strength. His physiotherapy began with his limbs being lifted individually as Buti clutched the veterinarian's finger.

In footage released from the animal charity, Buti was seen gaining more strength during a physiotherapy session, as a veterinarian held up both his arms and lifted him from the ground swinging him to and fro.

Buti is also learning how to climb on a climbing frame placed in the rescue centre in preparation for his release into the wild.

The charity is currently caring for 83 orangutans of all ages that were being held illegally as pets. All animals are undergoing rehabilitation before being released into their natural habitat.