Baby Dancing to Gangnam Style
The sleeping baby is woken from her sleep by the song and immediately starts to throw some shapes.

It is already the most watched YouTube video of all time, but it seems that the Gangman Style phenomenon has spread to even the youngest of fans.

Video footage of a sleeping baby waking up to dance to Psy's dance track has become an online hit.

At the start of the 55-second clip, the little girl is seen in a deep slumber in the safety seat of her family car.

When the song comes on, she wakes up suddenly and dances along to the beat.

Clearly a fan, she throws shapes with wide eyes and bags of enthusiasm. Her big sister next to her is soon in hysterics.

"Fast asleep on a little car ride, she can sleep thru anything," the video's caption reads. "Anything but her favorite song."

One viewer said: "My parents say I did that to my fav music too! O, the love of music starts early on."

Another wrote: "This is hilarious. Both girls are beyond adorable. And the laughing sister cracks me up."

In December 2012 Gangnam Style made history by becoming the first video to get over one billion views on YouTube.

Watch the baby wake up to Gangnam Style video: