A tourist on the Indonesian island of Bali reportedly fell to her death after urinating off the edge of a cliff in the early hours of the morning. According to local media, 23-year-old German, Alina Kuroczik tragically died after the incident on Thursday (14 December.)

Kuroczik was said to have slipped on the cliff's edge and fallen to her death at Blue Point Beach in Bali's South Kuta. South Kuta Police spokesperson Iptu Andi Yakin, reportedly told the Bali Post that the incident took place at 1:30am. Her body was found around 2:15am.

Yakin said Kuroczik had been staying in a nearby guesthouse and had gone out to party with several friends. After relieving herself, Yakin said, the woman started to stand upright, when she slipped and fell the 260ft to her death.

Witnesses at the scene said that it had been so dark they did not believe she knew she was on the cliff's edge. One said that he had told Kuroczik the area was dangerous, before witnessing her slip and fall from the cliff.

Police reportedly had to bring in a team with climbing equipment to recover the body from the hard-to-reach area. She reportedly suffered numerous injuries, including broken bones, in the fall.

"Due to the conditions around the dark, the victim did not realise that she was urinating on the edge of the cliff," South Kuta Police Chief Nengah Patrem said, "when she got up, she slipped and fell to the bottom of the cliff," according to a Mail Online report.