Jamal Bryant

A Baltimore preacher, who provoked controversy when he quoted lyrics from Chris Brown's hit Loyal during a church sermon, has defended his actions.

Pastor Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple faced a backlash from the Christian community after footage emerged online of him saying the words: "These hoes ain't loyal."

In the 40-second clip, Bryant is seen delivering a sermon entitled 'I'm my Enemies Worst Nightmare' during which he discusses what can happen when a man doesn't listen to the woman God has made for him.

"An anointed woman of God is not dreaming about a man. An anointed woman of God is dreaming for her man," he tells the crowd.

"The problem with Pilate, is a problem with a lot of men, is he didn't know what he had. Had Pilate listened to the woman he had, his life would've been better. Because he didn't listen to the woman of God, he ended up losing his job, ended up in exile, ended up being kicked out of the palace, ended up committing suicide.

He continues: "If you got enough confidence to not be insecure and threatened about the woman God sent you, when she speaks, she is speaking from the voice of God of what she sees over your life!

"Every sister just elbowed another sister, 'he should've listened!' Every brother, would you tap another brother and say, "I should've listened to her." God help me! Old saints, y'all forgive me but I gotta tell ya, these hoes ain't loyal! You gotta find somebody!"

Members of his congregation respond by shouting, dancing and cheering as he delivers the punchline.

But some viewers claimed that it was inappropriate for a man of God to be quoting such sordid lyrics from secular music.

"The people who follow them do so blindly when they are really being 'tossed and turned about like sheep without a shepherd' I could have never sat in there with him saying that," one critic said.

Another wrote: "This sounds like the secular man took over and started talking, not the man of God. This proves that pastors are humans and you have to be careful what messages you take away from them. I'm also pretty sure Chris Brown's lyrics are not found in the Bible. He was wrong in and out of context! POINT! BLANK! AND THE PERIOD."

Taking to Twitter Bryant insisted that his words were taken out of context.

"The people who follow them do so blindly when they are really being " tossed and turned about like sheep without a shepherd" I could have never sat in there with him saying that plus word is he is a known cheater."