Adem Karadag Bangkok bombing
Bangkok bombing suspect Adem Karadag is escorted by Thai commando units PORNCHAI KITTIWONGSAKUL/AFP/Getty Images

With Malaysia making six more arrests in connection to the Bangkok bombing, Thai police are turning their attention back on detained suspect Adem Karadag. He has reportedly admitted to being the bomber at the Erawan shrine in the Thai capital that claimed 20 lives on 17 August.

According to reports, a police spokesman, while not confirming if Karadag had admitted to the bombing, has said that he is sure the Thai police had stumbled upon new CCTV footage that could nail the suspect. It shows "a man emerging from a toilet resembling the detained suspect."

The unidentified man in the yellow shirt, who had placed the bomb at the Erawan shrine had apparently walked into a toilet and changed his shirt to a grey one. The man in the grey shirt resembles Karadag, security sources told the Bangkok Post.

In Thailand's Lumpini Park, CCTV footage showed Karadag also known as Bilal Turk, taking a bus to an apartment in Nong Chok district. The apartment was earlier raided by the police, where they had recovered bomb-making material.

Meanwhile, the six people arrested in Malaysia may not directly be involved in the bombing, but are part of a human trafficking ring that allegedly helped the prime suspect flee Thailand. According to Malaysian detectives, the six arrested have joined the previously detained suspects, who Thai police believe were involved in assisting the unidentified bomber escape from Thailand's southern border to Malaysia.

Reports further said that four of the six arrested were Uighur Muslims from China's Xinjiang region, who were recently hit hard by the police crackdown on human trafficking. This could be a motive behind the blast, in which 130 people were injured, reports claimed.