US President Barack Obama took aim at Donald Trump and the Republican party at a fundraiser in Austin, Texas on 11 March.

"We got a debate inside the other party that is fantasy and schoolyard taunts, selling stuff like it's the home shopping network," Obama said. "And you got the Republican establishment, they are very exorcised, we are shocked, that somebody would be saying these things," Obama said.

"How can you be shocked, this is the guy… you remember who was sure that I was born in Kenya," Obama said. "And this same Republican establishment, they weren't saying nothing."

Trump was a high-profile leader of the so-called "birther" movement, which believed Obama was born abroad and not eligible to be president until he produced his Hawaii birth certificate to put the issue to rest.

After touting his record as president, Obama said, "Imagine what Trump would say if he had a record like this, instead of selling steaks." He added, "Has anybody tried that wine? How good can that wine be?" Obama asked.

At one time billionaire businessman Donald Trump sold a line of Trump-branded steaks through the US outlet Sharper Image. However, the branded beef is no longer sold, reportedly due to poor sales. And while there is a Trump Winery, the business is owned by Eric Trump – Donald Trump's son by his first wife, Ivana Trump – and it is not affiliatedd with any other of Donald Trump's businesses.

Obama urged conservatives who were troubled by the party's position to consider the events leading up to the rift in the party.

"I don't take pleasure in seeing what is going on in the other side: we need a healthy two-party system," Obama said.