Barron Trump
Barron Trump and his mother Melania Trump stand on stage after Republican president-elect Donald Trump delivered his acceptance speech at the New York Hilton Midtown Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Much has been said about the living arrangement of the First family of the US. And, the latest news is that the Trumps are all set for a family reunion at the White House in May. As First lady Melania Trump and her son Barron prepare to move in with the president at his 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. residence in DC, Trump's youngest son has already made plans with his friends from New York.

According to sources, Barron is all set for his big move to Washington DC, but he won't be alone when he finally leaves NYC. Some of the excited classmates of the 10-year-old are already planning sleepovers at the White House.

"Barron has been asking some of his school friends to come visit him in the White House," a source close to Melania and her son told New York Daily. "He has said to his parents, 'I hope there are bedrooms for my friends to come visit.'"

"Kids at his school are already planning sleepovers," the source adds, referring the elite Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, where Barron is enrolled in.

Hosting sleepovers might never have been an issue for the youngest Trump children as he reportedly had "his own little wing" in the Trump Tower. While he may no longer be living in his father' luxurious building, but he would still have plenty of space in his new place at the White House.

Meanwhile, President Trump's wife is also busy with the several preparations involved in moving cities. Apart from extensively searching for an appropriate school in DC for Barron to resume his studies, Melania has to get ready to finally assume her role as the First Lady of the US.

"Melania is ramping up her public appearances. She's becoming more comfortable in her role as First Lady," the report claimed. "She's been getting media coaching to make her more comfortable speaking. She's ready. She's doing everything but packing."

While there's still some time before the Trumps reunite at the White House, speculations are rife that Barron and his mother may join Trump for the Easter celebrations.

This comes as a petition amasses more than 326,000 signatures to force the First Lady and her son to move to the White House as their stay in NYC costs taxpayers an "exorbitant amount of money".