Barron Trump is not just the First Son of America, but now he is also the hero of a cartoon series created by US comic artist Joy Ling.

The Brooklyn-based artist has created a comic book named The Adventures of Barron and His Loud-Mouthed President Father.

In the manga series, the First Son has been described as a Pokémon-obsessed 10-year-old boy, who is not interested in his father's presidency. In his adventures, Barron teams up with former first children Sasha and Malia Obama to investigate a "mysterious anomaly" brought about by the rise of the 45th president.

"His father sees this as rebelling, but all Barron wants to do is live a normal life," Ling told Hyper Allergic. The writer explains that in the comic book, Barron "tries to persuade his father to do certain things in order to solve the problem, but that in itself is an obstacle" that the boy must overcome.

According to the artist, the inspiration behind the series is a Japanese meme by Yusuke Hori, where the youngest son of the US president was portrayed as a dejected young boy in tears standing next to his newly elected father.

The caricature by Hori has the caption reading: "My loud, annoying dad is president, so the quiet unassuming life I wanted is completely over."

"All I want to do is watch Netflix and play Pokémon," reads the one line by Barron in the manga book hinting at the boy's desire to live a "simple" life.

The 10-year-old has been subjected to scathing attacks on the internet and it is unclear whether the book by Ling is a veiled attack on President Trump.

Barron was recently photographed at the White House with his parents Donald and Melania Trump.

Reports claim that the First Lady and her son are reportedly planning to move 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in June.

Ling is only releasing one chapter of her comic, but has promised to release a full version if it sells more than 500 copies.

Cover art for The Adventures of Barron by the American manga artist Joy Ling Joy Ling/DeviantArt