Bates Motel season 4
In episode 9 Norman tries to kill his mother YouTube screen grab/A&E

After ending the penultimate episode of Bates Motel season 4 on a cliffhanger, the show will return with the finale on 16 May on the A&E network. Titled, Norman, fans will learn about the fate of Norma, who appeared lifeless as Romero tried to revive her in episode 9.

On the other hand, Norman is losing his mental stability and his actions in the episode caused immense problems for his mother. It what seemed like his attempt to remain with Norma in the afterlife, the obsessed teen filled their room with carbon monoxide to die together. However, he managed to survive, but it is unclear whether Norma is safe. The promo of the final episode offers some clues regarding what fans can expect from the dysfunctional Bates household.

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In the clips, it appears like Romero successfully manages to transport his wife and stepson to hospital. But it remains to be seen, whether or not he can prevent Norman from a fatal psychotic breakdown. Moreover, questions remain over Norma being able to trust her son after the horrific incident.

Speaking about the season finale, executive producer Kerry Ehrin told TV Line, "Anybody that goes behind your back to do something as gigantic as getting your kid committed, their trust would be pretty burned up at that point. And the thing that she loved about Alex was the trust."

"When it was really Norman against Romero – even though Romero is the healthy choice — I think that Norma's mental fragility [and] her history made her cling to Norman," Ehrin added explaining Norma's disastrous choices.

The synopsis of the finale episode reads as follows:

"Norman and Norma's relationship faces its greatest test yet; Romero faces pressure from all sides; Dylan considers reaching out to Norman--but wants nothing to do with Norma."

Bates Motel season 4 finale is titled Norman and will air on 16 May at 9/8c on A&E network.