Kyndall Chandler
Kyndall Chandler spent 4 hours in the ER, seeking medical treatment. Kyndall Chandler/Facebook

Kyndall Chandler, a US-based cosmetologist, recently suffered chemical burns on her face after her Bath and Body Works car air freshener unexpectedly exploded.

In a video posted on TikTok, Chandler is writhing in pain on a hospital bed and shares that she was diagnosed with ocular damage and left with a "fat ER bill".

She explained that a "Bath and Body Works air freshener disk busted open and went everywhere in my car" and that it had "overheated and exploded in [her] face."

"It splattered all over my face, eyes, and mouth. I now have ocular damage and chemical burns on my face, lips, and all around my eyes."

Shortly after she arrived at the hospital, Chandler said that medical professionals "called poison control because there are tons of chemical ingredients inside."

The incident also bleached the interior of the car, she said.

"It was hands down the most painful thing I've ever experienced, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone," the cosmetologist added, going on to warn Bath and Body Works customers: "If you use these, be cautious while opening them and be mindful that this could happen to you too if one overheats inside your car on warmer days."

Kyndall Chandler
The explosion bleached the interior of Kyndall Chandler's car. Kyndall Chandler/Facebook

She also said she would revisit the doctor for a check-up but has yet to post the results. Shortly after she posted her first video, seen by over 40 million users, Chandler received several comments encouraging her to sue Bath and Body Works for their faulty products.

"Obviously, get that money, girl," one TikTok user wrote.

"I hope you're OK! Ocular damage is so serious, I hope it isn't permanent," they added.

A different TikToker commented: "Well, I will never buy a Bath and Body Works air freshener after watching this video. I hope you are OK."

"One time, I had one of those cheap car air fresheners with the liquid in my car. It lit my car on fire when I was at work," another TikTok user revealed.

@kyndal_bret AND NOW I HAVE A FAT ER BILL🥲 #bathandbodyworks #chemicalburns #oculardamage ♬ original sound - kyndal_bret

Alleged former and current Bath and Body Works employees have also weighed in on the video, claiming that "this has been happening for years."

Dia, a TikTok user and former Bath and Body Works employee, slammed the company for its ingredients.

"I used to work there all the time for almost two years, and I swear I have lung problems now," she said, adding that the company's scents make her "feel nauseous now."

Mikayla Katelyn, another TikTok user who also said she was a former employee, wrote: "I used to work there, and this has been happening for years."

International Business Times UK has contacted Bath and Body Works to comment on the incident.

In 2022, Bath and Body Works was sued for false advertising its "overpriced skin care products."

Legal news outlet Top Class Actions reported that consumers Carmen Pere and Andrea Brooks filed the class action lawsuit in California Federal Court.

The pair said they were misled into buying Bath and Body Works' Hyaluronic Hydrating Body Cream.

"Defendants have profited enormously from its false marketing campaigns, while its customers are left with overpriced skin care products that do not live to Defendants promises," the court heard.