Fans of Christian Bale were left stunned after pictures surfaced of his dramatic transformation. The actor, who has previously shocked his loyal fan-following with severe weight loss or gain, this time took a bold step and shaved off his head while sporting a much fuller figure for his upcoming movie Backseat.

Set to play Dick Cheney, the 46th Vice President of the United States and second-in-command to George W Bush in the biographical drama, Bale debuted his bald look during a press event on Monday, 13 November.

The 43-year-old Hollywood star was promoting his war flick Hostiles in Los Angeles when he appeared with no hair and a much heavier frame at the photo call.

While Bale fanatics are used to his shocking makeovers, his latest look is indeed a far cry from his usual self.

Decked in a linen blue shirt and loose-fitted trousers, the American Psycho star managed to crack a smile for the flashing paparazzi – pictures of which have eventually made their way to the internet, successfully freaking fans out.

Impressed with the drastic change, one Twitter user complemented, "Christian Bale weight gain to play Dick Cheney. The man is mad."

A second fan couldn't seem to get over his numerous makeovers. "Christian Bale is so often unrecognisable that I'm not even sure there actually is a real Christian Bale. What does he really look like?" the user shared.

Meanwhile, Bale's shocking transformation was noticed by one passer-by, who gleefully took to Twitter to share, "LA: Where your morning commute involves driving past Christian Bale, dressed as Dick Cheney, in a car he's not driving on a camera rig."

Another user went on to draw hilarious comparisons, writing, "Christian Bale looks like he's about to turn up in the EastEnders' Christmas special as the third Mitchell brother."

"Christian Bale looks like yer da that polishes off five pukka pies during half-time at the West Ham game (sic)," someone else joked.

Bale's most shocking transformation, however, was for the 2004 movie The Machinist. The first in his long line of makeovers, the thriller role showcased a severely withered Bale as Trevor, the insomniac lathe operator.

In The Dark Knight trilogy, the actor once again put on weight to play the Batman and the trend continued with 2013's American Hustle.