Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
New trailer for Batman v Superman coming soon? Warner Bros

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is about six months away from release and we can expect the promotions for the film to pick up pace now. Some very exciting new updates on that front have surfaced online in the form of rumours that the next full-fledged trailer will be preceded by two solo teasers for Batman and Superman.

Heroic Hollywood scoopster Umberto Gonzalez, who accurately predicted the release date for the first Batman v Superman trailer, has posted this "unconfirmed" report that the studio has planned two solo character teasers to release before the next full trailer. "According to a source, Warners is supposedly planning TWO teasers for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice to air on Monday night October 26th, the night of the Supergirl premiere on CBS," states the website.

The report adds, "During Supergirl's airing there will be a minute long Batman v Superman teaser trailer focusing solely on Superman. That same night over on FOX during Gotham's airing, there would be a minute long Batman v Superman teaser trailer focusing on Batman."

If true, it's definitely a smart move by Warner Bros to boost the ratings of their respective TV shows. Incidentally, Marvel also did the same thing when they showcased Avengers: Age Of Ultron footage during Agents Of Shield.

Reportedly, these teasers will eventually lead to the new full-length trailer set to premiere in November on Thanksgiving before the theatrical release of Creed. The trailer could also be attached to Spectre and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2. Now it remains to be seen whether this new trailer gives us a glimpse of Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash (rumoured) in action. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is slated to release on 25 March 2016.