batman v superman
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor (C) with Henry Cavill as Clark Kent (L) and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (R) in Batman v Superman Warner Bros

Warner Bros recently released a deleted scene from Batman v Superman showing Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor seemingly interacting with an alien being. Now, the film's producer Deborah Snyder has revealed the description for yet another scene from the film that did not make the final theatrical cut.

Although not as cool and cryptic as the Luthor one, this scene involved Henry Cavill's Clark Kent investigating Batman — something that would surely please fans who wanted to see more of the "mild-mannered reporter" Clark Kent.

"There's a really fun scene where Clark is investigating Batman, and he goes over to Gotham that I think you got a lot of information, and also it starts some connective tissue about events that are happening and he starts to think that, wait a minute, something else might be going on here. I think that's pretty cool without spoiling exactly what it is," Snyder said during a recent interview with Collider.

Watch out for this scene and more in the Blu-ray edition. Meanwhile, you can check out the description of the Lex Luthor deleted scene below:

The sequence opens with a SWAT team entering the Kryptonian ship looking for Lex Luthor. They find him having, what appears to be a psychic conversation with some sort of alien demon, who is holding three identical cubes before him.

The creature disappears as the gun-wielding SWAT agents approach and as they ambush Luthor, he turns slowly and confidently towards them secure in the knowledge that none of them even compare to the powerful threat that he's just witnessed.