Until about a week ago, the Jason Momoa-starring Aquaman film was a complete mystery and a project shrouded in secrecy. But over the last few days, some pretty exciting details about the DC character's first standalone movie have surfaced online.

Recently, the film's director James Wan shared some more info about his "swashbuckling" adventure and DC Cinematic Universe architect Zack Snyder's involvement in it.

"I would love to capture the fun spirit of high-sea adventures, treasure hunts, sea monsters," Wan told the LA Times. "That's the spirit that I'm going for. Swashbuckling." (via ComicBookMovie)

Zack Snyder recently had his first crack at bringing the half-human/half-Atlantean superhero (played by Jason Momoa) to life on the big screen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is set to further develop him in Justice League before Aquaman is seen in his own solo movie.

Since the Aquaman story reportedly picks up where it leaves off in Justice League, Wan is working with Snyder on how best to set up the pieces for his solo film.

"Well, I think the story that I would like to tell is still at the end of the day my story," Wan told Cinema Blend while promoting The Conjuring 2 at WonderCon. "And that's what's cool with Zack, is that he's actually very respectful of that. He's actually helping me out in some ways with certain things that he's doing with his [films] so that I can have better groundwork with the standalone Aquaman story."

The Justice League will hit theatres in November 2017, and Aquaman is slated to release on 27 July, 2018.