The Batcave
The Batcave shows Robin's costume shown in the movie with Joker's message Google Maps

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice may have been torn apart by the critics but that's not stopping it from creating new records at the box-office. To cash in on the popularity of the movie and Batman in particular, Warner Bros has teamed up with Goggle Maps to create a 360-degree tour of Bruce Wayne's home and the secret lair below via Street View.

Through the street view feature, take a walk around Bruce's lake house and click through the hallways to take you into the cave itself. The Batcave reveals the iconic Batmobile, Batman's prototype power armour, the Batcomputer, the Batarsenal and even a Robin costume with a devious message from the Joker on the chest. You can even check out the unfinished suit of armour that Batman wears to fight against Superman in the film.

The street view can be accessed either from the web or from a mobile device through the dedicated StreetView application. You can move around the home to check out different rooms or simply spin around the camera to see different angles of the room you're in, and you can eventually navigate your way down the tunnel leading to the Batcave.

Go check out the Batcave now.