Nightwing web series

The first episode of the YouTube fan series based on the DC Comics character Nightwing has been released, and it's pretty awesome. For a fan-made series, the episode's production values, acting and overall content can really surprise you.

The series is a fan-funded mini web series created by Ismahawk and funded by a Kickstarter campaign that quickly went viral.

Now even though the people down at Marvel and DC Entertainment/ Warner Bros are doing a superb job of bringing epic superhero stories to the big/ small screen, they cannot take it beyond a certain level where different comic book characters could feature in the same world. And that is primarily because of business reasons.

For example, it is highly unlikely that you will see Spider-Man swinging in to fight Ultron alongside Hulk in Avengers 2 or Iron Man engaged in battle with Batman during a DC vs Marvel setting.

But fans who are capable of producing quality content, like Nightwing, independent of studios, are not bound by any restrictions. The setup might not be as lavish as a big budget superhero movie, but then the success of shows like Arrow has proved that superhero material can be successfully adapted for the small screen.

Well, it remains to be seen whether the superhero crossover web series becomes a reality. Meanwhile, check out the premiere episode of Nightwing, below.

The episode has Deathstroke storming onto the scene in Bludhaven, and Nightwing trying to track him down.